• Nukky

Is Blogging Still A Thing?

Blogging seems like such an artifact of the past, antiquated and expeditiously aged in an era of immediate short-form content (re: memes, tweets, quotes we love to post but seem to forget about during the moments when their tenets would prove most useful). Find me someone under the age of 25 who would voluntarily sit down and read a 3000-word op-ed and I’ll show you a unicorn…cuz that my friends, is rare.

Our propensity for easy and effortless content consumption is really just a reflection of the times. We want everything and we want it now, even if we have to sacrifice quality. We're more Donald Trump at McDonald's, less Barack Obama at Ristorante Tosco. Also consider how well these apps mine our data to present us with highly personalized content made "just for you" and it’s a wrap, we’re locked in forever. Or at least until our battery gets low.

The fact that we spend most of our time on our phones probably has something to do with the fading blog era as well since a tiny 5” x 3” screen doesn’t lend itself particularly well to reading long-form writing - and that’s BEFORE you factor in the 14 advertisements inserted throughout the article. Scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll........

So why am I even considering blogging? Because I like writing ffs, lol…okrrrrt...ttyl!