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Heartbreak Hotel

The situation in Sudan is growing increasingly violent and while many people are becoming more engaged and aware (based on what I’ve seen on social media), many people still don’t know much about what’s going on, so allow me to provide an extremely general overview to a very multifaceted, long running and nuanced situation:

  • Sudan had been under the control of military dictator Omar al-Bashir for 30 years

  • Amongst his vast resume, al-Bashir has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for atrocities in Darfur where HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Darfari’s have been killed while MILLIONS have been displaced. Yes, MILLIONS 😢

  • After months of protests calling for his exit, the military finally removed al-Bashir in mid-April

  • The people of Sudan hoped for a civilian-led transition to a democratically elected government but the military has maintained control

  • The military has been stalling and saying that an election would be held at some point down the road, nine months at the earliest

  • The Sudanese people fear that the military is just taking their time to figure out who to put in power next, and whatever elections DO take place will only be held to legitimize and validate a new military dictator

  • The Sudanese people continue to advocate for a prompt, fair and balanced election while the military has cracked down, injuring, raping and killing protestors and civilians by the thousands (including children)

  • Based on HDI and IHDI ratings (an index regarding a countries development based on life expectancy, education and per capita income) Sudan sits 167th out of 189 countries and 131st out of 151 countries. Basically, the quality of life is abysmal

Anyways, I don’t have all the answers, I just wanted to share some of this information in hopes it inspires you to say a prayer for all the people around the world - not just in Sudan - who have to suffer through such unimaginable circumstances.

We can read about it from a thousand miles away but this really is real life for so many people.

It’s heartbreaking 💔

Hopefully we can all think twice next time before we complain about slow wi-fi or about how the person at the drive-thru punched in our order incorrectly. We’re so fucking blessed it’s not even funny.